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There aren’t enough hours in the day.

Thank goodness you can use some of ours. I mean, imagine if you had to run an entire business all on your own. Like, not just the strategy and planning, but all of the itty bitty technical tasks too. Nightmare.

Siobhan James-Lynn, Co-founder & Virtual Assistant

You want to do more… you just can’t fit it in.

When did it all get so… busy?

You started your business a while ago now. And you did it all on your own.

You wrote every blog post, every autoresponder, every ebook yourself.
You spent hours working out how to get that bloody opt-in plugin to behave.
You wrote guest posts and grovelled to be featured on podcasts and vlogs and top ten lists.

You would have given up your firstborn child
if you thought it’d get you a retweet from Pat Flynn.

And then, after a lot of blood, sweat and hustle… it finally started working.
You built it and, at last, people started to come.

Gradually, at first. It was manageable.

But a few months later (a year?! Has it been that long?), you look up and realise…
You don’t have to time to pass wind, let alone grow your business even more.

You need an extra set of hands.

Charlotte Clark, Virtual Assistant

But you’ve done everything yourself so far, so how can you trust someone else to get things right?

To do it all exactly how you like it?

Outsourcing is scary.

It’s a big step.

From being your own island to inviting some internet stranger aboard and hoping they don’t mess up a good thing.

You need someone reliable and just as focused on quality as you are.

We get that.

But you’ve done everything yourself so far, so how can you trust someone else to get things right?

To do it all exactly how you like it?

Outsourcing is scary.

It’s a big step.

From being your own island to inviting some internet stranger aboard and hoping they don’t mess up a good thing.

You need someone reliable and just as focused on quality as you are.

We get that.

We’re not your average virtual assistants (no, really).

For a start, you might’ve noticed there’s more than one of us *gasps*.

You’ll still get your own dedicated virtual assistant, but they benefit from a whole team of other virtual assistants to support them.

Every now and then your virtual assistant might call on a team member to help out with a bit of work, or to get some advice on one of their tasks.

We think there’s strength in numbers.

Working as a part of a network of virtual assistants means we’re able to work more efficiently, while you still get that dedicated VA experience (super important).

Joanna James-Lynn, Co-founder & Virtual Assistant

Okay, but what else is different?


Other virtual assistants might get sick and need time off, but us?

We’re invincible.

Just kidding. But the fact that we’re not flying solo means we won’t leave you hanging on sick days, holidays or when we decide this isn’t the career for us and apply to be astronauts or something.

A Taskerly VA isn’t just for Christmas. A Taskerly VA is for life. Or until you give it all up to become an astronaut.


Handing over any part of your business is a worry. What if the quality goes out the window? What if standards slip?

Don’t worry; we bet we’re just as picky as you are about getting things right.

We’re the kind of VAs who stress about split infinitives, wonky margins and misplaced semicolons.

I mean, did you catch that correct semicolon usage up there? Talk about fancy.


You: “Hey, I want to try out [latest marketing tactic] for my product launch. Have you done anything similar before?”

Other VA: “Sorry, no. I’m happy to try it out, though.”

Taskerly VA: “No, but I know there’s someone on our team who has. I’ll be able to ask them anything we’re not sure about. I could even ask them to take the lead on this to make sure we really nail it.”

*high fives all round*

The proof is in the pudding.

Ursula Carmona, Blogger at Home Made by Carmona


Home decor and organisation blogger

This is Ursula “I-bet-I-can-make-it-myself” Carmona. She started her home decor blog four years ago and has absolutely blown it out of the water since then. We’ve been working with Ursula now for two years and we’ve loved every minute of it.

So how do we make Ursula’s life easier?

We pin all of Ursula’s latest blog posts and submit them to sites like craftgawker to make sure they get the best possible reach. Ursula has tons of evergreen content, so we automatically recycle her blog posts to be shared on social media using Edgar. We keep Edgar running smoothly by uploading new content and making sure the right categories are switched on at the right time.

Once a month, we also create a round-up newsletter to go out to her 5,000+ email subscribers.

Next up is helping Ursula engage with and moderate her online community. That means managing incoming enquiries and moderating her Facebook group (570 members and growing) — that’s approving new members, checking for bad language, and removing members if they break the rules. Hardcore.

Every now and then we’ll also help Ursula out with some of the “bigger picture” stuff, like reaching out to magazines or arranging sponsored blog hops. All in a day’s work.

You can’t imagine how freeing it is to know that your business is in great hands! I finally get to focus on the things I am best at and leave the rest in the capable hands of Jo and the team at Taskerly. Even better, every hair-brained idea for my site I throw at them, they run with it and make me look brilliant. Gotta love it! I don’t know what I’d do without Taskerly.

Laurence Bradford, Blogger at Learn to Code With Me


Self-taught techie and edtech blogger

Laurence is the busiest person we know. She started blogging about learning to code in 2014, and now runs her blog, hosts a top-ranked podcast, regularly writes articles for Forbes AND holds down a full-time tech job.

How do we help Laurence run her business?

We started managing Laurence’s social media back in 2015 – sharing her latest blog posts across all of her platforms, and spending time each month curating high-quality articles from around the internet that we know her audience will love.

Fast forward to 2017 and we’re responsible for Laurence’s sponsorship deals – managing podcast sponsors and arranging sponsored guest posts. We approach the big names in EdTech and pitch sponsorship deals on Laurence’s behalf, then guide them through every step of the process. That covers the agreements and invoices, writing advert scripts, and adding final touches to guest posts.

We help with the non-sponsorship stuff too, like writing podcast show notes, keeping articles up to date, and helping Laurence manage her inbox. Basically anything to give her a bit more bandwidth for her bigger picture.

Oh hey, and a bunch of other people who like us too.

Apply to work with a Taskerly virtual assistant.

Siobhan James-Lynn, Co-founder & Virtual AssistantJoanna James-Lynn, Co-founder & Virtual AssistantCharlotte Clark, Virtual AssistantIris Barzen, Virtual Assistant

Seems like a weird way of phrasing it, right?

The thing is, we've been doing this for a while now. And that's given us great insight into the kinds of clients we're able to do our very best work for.

We do our very best work when we click with our clients.

So we only get that ball rolling with clients where we truly get them, their business, and what they're trying to achieve.

Tell us about your business and we'll see if we've got the perfect VA for you.

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